42" Outdoor TV Cover

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Product Information:

The Stronghold Accessories 42 inch Outdoor TV Cover is a heavy-duty outdoor cover carefully designed to provide your TV maximum protection in all weather conditions. We have carefully tested our cover against every scenario we could think of – pollen, mildew, rain, ocean water, mud, birds, cats, dogs, other pets. 

The Stronghold Accessories 42 inch Outdoor TV Cover is a great addition to any outdoor TV watching setup. Many people enjoy watching TV on their porch or patio during game day. Others enjoy having a television outdoors in their summer home. Some choose to bring the TV to the football game day tailgate. Others have a TV on their boat. Whatever the occasion, Stronghold Accessories has you covered.

Our outdoor TV cover is also suitable for indoor applications such as protecting against pets. Ever find the back of your TV covered in cat hair? Ever notice scratches on your screen resulting from your cat just trying to have a little fun? Utilizing a cover can easily prevent these problems. Our cover products are also suitable for use as a moving TV cover. TV’s are much easier to move around when you do not have to worry about the screen getting scratched.

After testing several different kinds of material for our cover, we decided to go with marine grade polyester. We utilize the very same polyester that professional boating gear is constructed with. With polyester at the core (which is already water resistant itself) we go beyond just polyester and apply an additional special water coating to ensure that the cover provides maximum liquid deflection.

This outdoor cover has been carefully designed to fit both normal out of the box standing TV’s as well as arm mounted TV’s. The back of the cover has a velcro slat that allows for arm mounts to go through. The slat is large enough to support a single arm mounted TV. Don’t use a wall mount? No worries, you can just keep the velcro together and use the cover for your free standing TV with the stand you TV came with from it’s manufacture. The bottom of the cover has a flap extending across the entire bottom that has a velcro strip attached, allowing you to create a seal around your TV’s mount or stand. Covering the bottom of the TV is particularly important for patio TV’s in the splash zone of pools.

Imagine being able to have a group of friends or relatives over for a weekend patio pool party, while not having to worry about your TV. Having your TV covered while splashing around the pool provides the peace of mind on your investment that it deserves!

The first step to prolonging the life of your TV in any of these scenarios is covering it up with a Stronghold Accessories cover! After investing several hundred dollars in a television, it deserves protection to keep it running strong for the next several years to come! Start enjoying your outdoor TV with peace of mind today.

Detailed Specs:
  • Marine grade heavy duty weatherproof exterior material
  • Size: 42" x 26.5" x 5" - fits most 42 inch flat screen televisions
  • Rear velcro flap allows for fitting arm-mounted TV's
  • Bottom velcro flap creates seal around TV stand
  • Scratch resistant interior material

Video Demonstration:

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