32" Outdoor TV Cover

  • $ 39.99

Product Description:

The Stronghold Accessories 32 inch Outdoor TV Cover provides year-round protection for your TV from every kind of harsh outdoor condition you can imagine. Whether it’s water, mildew, moss, pine needles, dust, dogs, cats, sprinklers, pool water, weather or ocean water – our cover will protect your television.

The cover is designed to provide protection from all directions - our TV covers provide full front, back and side protection of your TV. The rear of the cover has a secure vertical velcro strip that goes half way up the back – allowing you to easily access the back TV connections when needed and seal it shut when it needs to be covered. The bottom of the cover has a flap to seal up the bottom of your TV. The bottom flap has velcro along it, allowing you to create the seal. Many other covers on the market do not provide full 360 degree outdoor LCD TV protection – with a Stronghold Accessories cover you can rest assured that your cover will protect your TV from all angles whether it’s front, back or side.

Our 32 inch cover is created out of our signature Stronghold Accessories marine grade material – providing the same level of protection you would expect from any professional marine gear. While designing our covers, we tested several materials and eventually sided with high-grade polyester. But we didn’t stop there; we infuse our polyester with an additional waterproof layer so that it deflects water like a piece of wax paper would (check out our pictures and videos to see just how effective our cover’s water deflection is).

A 32 inch TV is perfect for you patio or porch, for many consumers it is just the right size of TV to place in a common area outside – it’s not too large to the point where it will take away from your patio landscaping but at the same time big enough to watch your favorite show or game on. Many of our customers choose to place a 32 inch TV on their boat or football tailgate barbeque setup.

Indoor flat screen LCD/Plasma TV’s can also be protected with our cover. We have all seen the back of our living room TV after not dusting it for several months or even weeks – you can usually spell out the words “WASH ME” with your finger in the dust. This harmful dust can make its way into your TV’s circuit boards, which we’re sure you’d rather keep out. Make our cover your TV’s first layer of protection to keep the dust out of your TV.

Pets are also a common cause of unwanted scratches on indoor TV’s. Have you ever noticed your cat or dog prowling around your TV? Even worse have you noticed a scratch from your cat or dog on your TV? Keep your peace of mind and let your loved pet stay out of its crate while you are at work by protecting your TV with a cover.

All of our covers are backed by our no questions asked 30-day return policy. We understand that things sometimes happen, if you find that you are not 100% satisfied by our cover, just ship it back and we will gladly refund your purchase price. Complete customer satisfaction is a #1 priority in the Stronghold Accessories family of brands.

Detailed Specs:
  • Marine grade heavy duty weatherproof exterior material
  • Size: 33" x 23" x 4.5" - fits most 32 inch flat screen televisions
  • Rear velcro flap allows for fitting arm-mounted TV's
  • Bottom velcro flap creates seal around TV stand
  • Scratch resistant interior material

Video Demonstration:

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