RVing on a Budget: The Reality of Traveling with an RV


The real truth is that traveling with an RV is more than just the wear and tear of a vehicle, but it's also expensive to buy gas for your camper or doubler. In addition, there are insurance costs that need attention every day while you're on the road- not to mention personal household tasks that need to be maintained at your home residence (lawn, garbage, etc.) that can add a small price to the overall hobby. This is my dream come true. The freedom and adventure that RVing provides us with never gets old, especially when we're able to share it with our loved ones!

I love to travel the country in my RV with our family. It is so much more than a means of transportation, it's an opportunity for me and my family to get away from all our daily responsibilities back home! There are plenty of reasons why owning one might be right for you too - depending on your needs as well as  what kind or size vehicle would work best with how many people will be using this space at any given time (i.e., couple vs solo traveler).

However, I wouldn't change this lifestyle for the world because having these experiences with my family is worth every penny spent. I've always loved the idea of traveling with my family. When we first started RVing, it was an exploration into what our lives would be like if we were able to travel freely and not have any constraints on where or when - which is why I really liked how this opportunity gave us both new opportunities for adventure!

Money can't buy you love, but it does make life better. I wouldn’t trade these experiences with my family for anything because they are treasures worth spending time and money on!

I have always known that what matters most in this world isn't material things; rather relationships between people who care about each other enough to go through so much just holding hands across town or state lines away from their homes because being together means everything no matter how far apart we live.


Motorhome ownership is exciting, but an expensive lifestyle. The wear-and tear on your RV can be costly in terms of repairs and day to day tasks while you are traveling around town or hitting the open road with friends for some camping fun! However, I wouldn't change it because every time we take our motorhomes out into public, everyone loves seeing what this "house" really looks like outside their window; they get a chance at life style comparison between home vs trailer which usually leads them down a confusing path wherever one may lead.

The value here isn’t just about wear-and tear either; some say they wouldn't change their lifestyle even if they could purchase something brand new tomorrow because every day spent traveling builds memories that can last forever. My family is the most important thing in this world to me and I would not trade our adventures for anything - even with the crazy gas prices! 

RVing is a great way to experience new things and meet people from all over the country. We're always on an adventure with our loved ones by our side! What are some of your tips for RVing on a budget? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found this post helpful, be sure to share it with your friends! Happy travels!