Free Guide on Protecting Your Outdoor Patio TV

A patio TV is great for watching sports and movies with friends and family. It allows you to enjoy the benefit of the outdoor weather and patio seating area while letting you still tune in to your favorite TV shows. 

Having a TV on your patio exposes it to conditions that the manufacture did not originally intend – pool water, heat, mildew, rain, snow, animals and much more. Most TV’s were designed to be used indoors in a consumer’s living room. When you place your TV outdoors it is crucial to give it some level of extra protection. One of the most economical forms of protections is a heavy duty cover to keep it covered up when not in use. Whether it’s a LCD, LED or Plasma flat screen TV – each of these TV technologies were all designed primarily for indoor use. 

When you place your TV on your patio it is very important to consider it’s surroundings. If possible, it is always best to keep your TV underneath a roof or overhang to minimize the amount of direct water contact with the TV from the weather. Also, if you have an outdoor pool, it is best to keep your TV as far as possible from the water (can you say cannon ball splash?).

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to place your TV at as high of a height as possible as close as it can be to the roof or overhang of your porch. It is sometimes necessary to use a wall mount to get your TV secured at a high height. When your TV is secured closer to the roof or overhang, it provides your TV with a greater level of protection from strong windy rainstorms. During a heavy thunderstorm, wind can cause the rain to blow in your porch at an angle. Your TV can easily be protected from these angled winds, so long as it is mounted up high with a protective cover. We recommend using a single arm style mount. All TV manufactures use a standardized mount bracket pattern, allowing you to pick up a mount for less than $30 online.

All in all, a patio TV takes a little bit of extra planning and care to ensure that it lasts for the years to come. With a little extra thought about where to place your TV and the help of a heavy duty outdoor cover, your TV can be protected from the harsh weather elements it may face outdoors.

Stronghold Accessories carries a line of outdoor TV covers specifically designed to protect outdoor porch TV’s from the harsh weather elements they may endure. All of our covers are crafted with marine grade materials plus an extra waterproof layer of protection on top. We have covers for all sizes of TV’s available. If you feel like a cover is the right choice for protecting your tv, feel free to check out our outdoor TV cover selection here.