How to Pick the Right Outdoor TV Cover

Picking the right size of TV cover can be difficult. We put together this free guide to help you out. When picking a cover you want to ensure that the cover will fit nicely around your TV in order to provide it with the highest level of protection. In order to pick the proper size cover, you first need to measure your TV accurately. In this post, we show you how to measure your TV for a cover.

How to Measure Your TV:

When measuring your TV, always measure edge to edge of your TV unit (the very edge of the plastic, not just the end of the viewing screen itself). While measuring, also be sure to be measuring in horizontal and vertical lines. Your TV manufacture measures screen size diagonally, which you should not be doing for your cover sizing.First you will want to measure the width of your TV which is simple the horizontal length from one side of the TV to the other.

Measure the Width of Your TV


The second measurement you will want to take in the height, which is measured as the bottom of your television's plastic housing to the top (do not include the stand in this height measurement).

Measure the Height of Your TV


The third measurement is the depth (thickness of your TV, which is the most furthest front part of the TV to the furthest back part of the TV. Most modern LCD, LED, and PLASMA TV's are generally no larger than 5 inches in depth.

Measuring the Depth of your TV


Picking the Right Cover For Your Measurements:

 First consider the horizontal measurement of your TV. You want a cover that is at least the size of you're TV's horizontal measurement plus a little extra room on the sides to allow the cover to be taken on and off of your TV. Take your TV's horizontal measurement and add two inches (one inch for each side of your TV), this will be the horizontal measurement you will be looking for in a cover.

Second, take the vertical measurement of your TV and add one inch. This will be the minimum height measurement you need for your outdoor cover.

On most TV's regardless of size, the depth is similar. Depths vary among manufactures so please ensure that you're TV's depth is no thicker than the depth measurement of the cover.

When selecting a cover, aim for the cover to be at least a bit larger than your TV. Large covers can fit small TV's but small covers can't fit large TV's. For example, a 55 inch cover can be used for a 50 inch TV.

Selection of Stronghold Accessories Outdoor TV Covers based on TV Size:

 Horizontal Width Measurement of TV Fitting Outdoor TV Cover
Between 28 and 32 inches 32 Inch TV Cover
Between 33 and 37 inches  38 Inch TV Cover
Between 38 and 41 inches 42 Inch TV Cover
Between 42 and 45 inches 46 Inch TV Cover
Between 45 and 51 inches 55 Inch TV Cover

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