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Outdoor TV Setup Checklist

Your First Steps to Setting up an Outdoor Television Why set up a TV outdoors? Folks are around the country have a multitude of reasons for considering an outdoor TV setup. By far the most popular reason for having an outdoor TV is to spend time in the outdoors with the people you love, watching the TV programs you enjoy. Here’s a quick answer and many of the benefits behind configuring an outdoor TV: Enjoying family TV time in the home patio area Watching TV sports while barbequing outdoors Safely transporting a TV to a sporting tailgate event Providing restaurant...

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How to Maintain an Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV’s require a different level of maintenance compared to indoor TV’s. When a television is placed outdoors, it is faced with much more strenuous conditions than when indoors. Although, if you take the proper precautions and maintain your TV setup properly, your TV can easily have the same extended lifetime that indoor TV’s have. In an outdoor setting, the coaxial signal connection (the cable that screws into the back of the TV and/or cable box) can get corrosion built up on it. The corrosive build up can diminish the signal and eventually damage the connection if left for long...

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Free Guide on Protecting Your Outdoor Patio TV

A patio TV is great for watching sports and movies with friends and family. It allows you to enjoy the benefit of the outdoor weather and patio seating area while letting you still tune in to your favorite TV shows.  Having a TV on your patio exposes it to conditions that the manufacture did not originally intend – pool water, heat, mildew, rain, snow, animals and much more. Most TV’s were designed to be used indoors in a consumer’s living room. When you place your TV outdoors it is crucial to give it some level of extra protection. One of...

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How to Pick the Right Outdoor TV Cover

Picking the right size of TV cover can be difficult. We put together this free guide to help you out. When picking a cover you want to ensure that the cover will fit nicely around your TV in order to provide it with the highest level of protection. In order to pick the proper size cover, you first need to measure your TV accurately. In this post, we show you how to measure your TV for a cover. How to Measure Your TV: When measuring your TV, always measure edge to edge of your TV unit (the very edge...

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